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31 May 1999
mark charsley from, coventry...england
great web page,i served with 7th r.h.a from1978 till1987 (p-troop air defence) spent many good exercise's over at medicine hat.???? drop me a line,,,,,keep the faith..AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY

24 May 1999
Con Huhn from, Calgary Ab.
Going through the manifest, recognized quite a few names. Anyone know where Bill Greenshields is? I still stay in touch with Charlie Mcneil, and Andy Lavalee. Great work on the page. Anyone in Calgary that wants to form a chapter?

12 May 1999
Phil Holmes a Court
from Minnedosa, Manitoba
Airborne!!! Miss them good old days looking for buddies with whom I served, 1978- 1980

10 May 1999
Johnny  Rheault from, Living in Calgary
Sorry for the last one ,I was cut off.Anyway I served with 1cdo from aug 90 to aug 94.Did the somalia thing !!Great experience !!Any compadres want to keep in touch ,it will be a pleasure to see or hear from anyone who has or still wears the Maroon beret.Move fast, stay low ,Soft landings & may the winds blow in youre favor.AIRBORNE!!!!!!

10 May 1999
johnny  rheault from, living in Calgary
To all my airborne from the fields of the mattawa to

02 May 1999
Eric Langlois from, Calgary
Was with the Regt from 89 to 94.

25 Apr 1999
Gord Hockridge (Hawk) from, Fort St. John, British Columbia
Served from 1971 to 1976 with 1 AB Fld Sqn. Best men I have ever known were from the AB Regiment.

23 Apr 1999
Leonard Edwards from, Maple Ridge B.C.
Eddy the bear is home AIRBORNE

23 Apr 1999
Perley Walsh from, RMC Kingston
Slip away jumper. I was with the Regiment in Cyprus in 86, then with SVC CDO from 88-91. I came back in 94 and did a year with AB Maint Pl. I was the welder. I am currently just finishing up my third year in Chemical Engineering at RMC in Kingston. Good job with the site.

06 Apr 1999
E.Kyle Brown from, Edmonton, AB
Great to see so many brothers keeping in touch, keep the faith.AIRBORNE!

05 Apr 1999
Peter Aubry from, Petawawa, now in Medicine Hat Alberta
Great Home page

01 Apr 1999
Tim Majovsky from, Kingston ON

30 Mar 1999
Mark Sargent from, Moose Jaw/Regina
RC Chaplain to the Regiment 90-94. Looking forward to getting in touch with lost friends from SVC CDO. AIRBORNE!

29 Mar 1999
Mike Perkins from
3CDO 85-90, CABC 90-93.

23 Mar 1999
Myron Bridge from, Red Deer  AB.
It sure is great to see some familiar names after some time.This is the best thing I've seen to put the fight back.Thanks boys.AIRBORNE

20 Mar 1999
Kenneth Nunn from, 3RCR  Petawawa
Outstanding job on putting this together. Well done.

18 Mar 1999
Erl Julien from, Sarasota, Florida
Cool place. To all my brothers, where ever you land. Served proudly with 2nd CDO 79-81. With the likes of Rick Billington - God Rest His Soul, Rob Veary, Darbyson, Phil Blank, Andy Sluserenko, Estey, Haines, Owens, Capt Mike Morneault, etc. All the best you guys, where ever you are. Stay low, move fast. Email if you can. "AIRBORNE" Erl

18 Mar 1999
Al Doull from, Fredericton NB
Served 81 to 83 with 3CDO Wpns Pl. Great site to find long lost airborne pals. Have a good one.

12 Mar 1999
Blaine Ironside from, Alberta
11 Mar 1999
Les Cooper from, Niagara Falls
Linking up and touching base. Any Airborne Air Defence around? Good to see so many entries! I have sworn to myself to not sink to the level of those around me! Airborne once and always!

06 Mar 1999
Al Reid from, Petawawa, Ont
Just linking up......For those wishing to join ARAC or want info, feel free to contact me via e-mail. Fair Winds, Soft Landings.

05 Mar 1999
Mike Peplinski from, Sudbury Ont.
Proud to have served....3CDO.Germany

Sgt. Don Reibin........where are you?

27 Feb 1999
shel whitteker from, haliburton,ont.
great site. I served with the AB.FD.SQN 72 to 75

26 Feb 1999
Laz Tollas from, St Albert AB
Great site, well done Tim. Seeing all the names brings back the best memories a soldier can have. Served with 11 Pl, D Coy, 2 Cdo, 77-79; and Wpns Pl, 3 Cdo, 79-81. Soft landings all.

21 Feb 1999
Wayne Jure from, Yellowknife NWT
Great Site, Doing Link-up Drills on the net, Just think a couple years ago we were all looking for the kick starter on these computers, now we are one! Good to see the Liberals can't squash this! Keep up the good work. Fair Winds and Soft Landings

18 Feb 1999
Daniel Plourde from, Calgary
Hi everyone, just got introduced to your web site by my friends Don Oconnor and Gerry Vida. I served with the Airborne Regiment from 1972 to 1979 and proud of it. I am now in my twelfth year with the R.C.M.P. and enjoying every minute of it. I'll keep in touch. AIRBORNE!!

15 Feb 1999
Pete Davies from, Fort Saskatchewan
Good site!

Lot's of friends out there. 2Cdo 84 to 88..


14 Feb 1999
Dean Dunlop from, DFLR 4-3/LS/ Ottawa
Currently a prisoner of NDHQ over at the Land Staff. Glad to see this web site back on line. Airborne!

11 Feb 1999
greg wells from, Calgary
after scrolling the manifest.i realised i had better leave a message.. great site..saw many names i remember..glad to have stopped by

07 Feb 1999
Andre Fournier from, Petawawa, Ont
3 Cdo 1986-1990

07 Feb 1999
Jeff Butler from, Calgary
Here is a quick "Hello" to any and all paratroopers from 2 Commando.

04 Feb 1999
Goulais (Jack rabbit) from, Northbay Ont
3 Commando 84-89 im back in school, does any one under stand Algebra? was working with squid in a blues bar in edmonton, bouncing , lots of fun. stop by troops beers on me !

03 Feb 1999
Tom Verner from, Petawawa
Just returned from Bosnia. Good to see the site back up and running. They are finally rooting me out of the Para Coy. Moving on to 3RCR UEO. Keep in touch brothers.

01 Feb 1999
Don Elsbrie from, Windsor, Ontario
I was with Svc Cdo Tpt Pl from 89 - 92. I must have given some of you guys a lift during my tour in "THE REGIMENT". Its great to see this site open again. Have a good one. Airborne!!!.

30 Jan 1999
cpl wayne allison from, cambridge, ont
I served in service commando from 91 to 94 in maintenance platoon, getting out in july 94. please e/mail back

28 Jan 1999
Trevor Luten from, Ottawa, Ontario
I served with AB Sigs1980 - 83. I consider those years as one of the highlights of my 34 year Army career and look back on them with fond memories. I am a member of ARAC and attend many of the functions in Petawawa. It is always great to down a few jars and swap a few stories with some former Airborne comrades. Its fantastic to see this excellent web site back on line. I will definately check the manifest from time to time and I look forward to hearing from any former or current jumpers. V V V AIRBORNE

24 Jan 1999
Pete Whipps from, Edmonton Ab
Hey Great site Tim. Its good to see it up and running again. Give me a call and we will do that promo beer thing.

23 Jan 1999
G M Walker from, Ottawa
Congratulations to you Tim for bringing this fine site back. I have had a chance to read the messages of many old fellow jumpers. I would only like to add to Dick Derkson's comments - I tend to agree about "B" Troop - however "Yah But", "Fly" or one of the other "Old Guys" would point out to both of us that "B" Troop was once "A" Troop and so on. Fair winds and soft landings.

Mike Walker

19 Jan 1999
Gordon Brown from, Toronto
Thanks for the e-mail Tim, Once again I have found many friends on the manifest.

18 Jan 1999
Craig Turcotte from, CFB Gagetown
3 Cdo 89-95. If you ever need a place to crash or lay low, look me up. Good to see this site up and running. Thanks for the e-mail notice Tim. 2000 seems like an appropriate time for another birthday reunion with my brothers. AIRBORNE!!!!

16 Jan 1999
Jerry (Robbie) Robertson from, Holland Landing Ont.
Good to see this site back online. Well done Tim! I wonder if the Liberal government knows about this site? Seeing as how they can't shut it down or disband the internet it must really burn them. Looks good on them. They should have the courage to realize their mistakes and correct them. 2CDO 74-77, D Coy (remember Uncle Ed) and recce. E Coy in Cyprus in 74. Soft winds to all

16 Jan 1999
Alex MacPherson from, Birch Grove, Cape Breton

Good to see the site up and running again (great work Tim). Served with Maintenance Platoon, SVC CDO 89-93 including Somalia Dec 92-Jun 93. I am currently in Kingston ON finishing up a 4 yr program in computer engineering (May 99) at RMC and have switched over with sigs. I just got married 19 Dec 99 to Stephanie Seck originally from Petawawa and my old hoochie partner Jason MacKinnon was down in Tampa Bay for the wedding. Hope to hear you all soon.

15 Jan 1999
Allan Foubert from, Carleton Place

Happy to see the manifest up and running again. I thought I had lost the page for good. Served with 3 CDO from 82 to 87, and loved every minute of it. Airborne all the way.

14 Jan 1999
Lorne Newell from, Vernon BC

With regret I wish to pass on that Don Skipper has been removed from the manifest as of 8 Jan. He will be remembered by the old Para Sigs and perhaps some of the younger ones who knew him as SSM in the the sigs school. Great guy. Sorry to see him go.

13 Jan 1999
Pat Goodbody from, Trenton

3cdo 87-94, CPC 96-present.

12 Jan 1999
Steve Dearman from, Trenton

CFPMD 82-85 SVC CDO 85-89 CFPMD 89-94 CFPMD/CPC 96- present

If anyone sees Marty Clavette ask him to e-mail please Great site

12 Jan 1999
Jeff Watson from, 3 PPCLI Edmonton

Great page Tim. Not bad for a Mech Warrior. Hey Dan drop me a line sometime. Guess what Mac joined the 90's and got a computer. Take it easy. AIRBORNE!!

11 Jan 1999
Maj Dick Derkson from, Winnipeg MB

Don't know if any data migrated from earlier site, so here it goes again. Served with 1 AB Bty from 70-77 in Edmonton.. "B" Troop, obviously the best of the two. Recall many deployments fondly (and some not so) but always recall the professionalism and friendships made and carried to this day.

10 Jan 1999
Russ Brassor from, Courtenay, B.C

CFPMD 83 - 91 SVC Commando Det Trenton 91 - 94 CFPMD 94 - 96 SQN Rigger 442 SAR 96 - present

09 Jan 1999
John Ellis from, Toronto, Ontario

F Coy 2 CDO 72-75

09 Jan 1999
Bruno Savard from, Valcartier, Qc

Good to see the manifest up and running again. Served with AB Sigs 75-78, 83-85, 87-90 and 91-92.

Have a good one jumper!!!

08 Jan 1999
D. Daniel Drewe from, Grande Prairie, AB
07 Jan 1999
Zeke Stein   (zeker) from

2cdo 76-80 84-87 Just checking in. Good to see Tim got us live again. Glad to see all at the reunion. Best of the season. AIRBORNE !!

07 Jan 1999
Nash Harb from, Truro, NS

Airborne Regiment Aug 68, Sept 73. CABC 73 / 76 CABC 1980 / 1985

07 Jan 1999
Darrell Bishop from, richards landing ontario
served with ab regt from 90 to 93 with svc cdo. went to somolia dec 92 to june 93. served with cabc from 94 to 97. moved from edmonton with cabc/cpc posted to cfpmd in 97, amalgamated with cpc in 98 proud to serv

07 Jan 1999
John Renaud from, Frankford ,Ont./8 Wing Trenton
Served with CFPMD from 83-90,AB SVC CDO 90-93,CFPMD 90-96(Edmonton),CFPMD/CPC Support COY 96-.....For those of you that don't know it CFPMD amalgamated with CPC forming the Support COY.Our job still remains the same to provide parachutes for all user units out there.Safety and Perfection.Our Motto"I WILL BE SURE ALWAYS". Have a good one Jumper! AIRBORNE!!

07 Jan 1999
Rob Veary from, Ol' Petawawa, ON
Have a great one this New Year, to all jumpers and ex-members of the Regiment...

Served in 2 Cdo 79-82, Ab Mortars pl 82-83, 3 Cdo 83-85, Ab Mortars pl 85-86,3 Cdo 90-93, 3 RCR PARA Coy(LIB) 95-97. Cyprus 2 Cdo 81, Somalia 3 Cdo 92/93.

Ex Coelis / Airborne

Al Pardy from, 7 Jan 1999 From Petawawa.
07 Jan 1999

Tim thanks for reestablishing a Canadian Airborne RV, good show, the page is fantastic. I served with 3CDO 90-94, fair winds and soft landings to all jumpers out there. Airborne!

Bob McGonigal from, Windsor, Ontario
07 Jan 1999

Ray Zivkow from, 438 Sqn Montreal
06 Jan 1999

Holy.............shit.I was a little discouraged when I looked for and could not find our site.Hello to all.Still in Montreal soon to move on to flight engineer on griffins.Every AIRBORNE jumper welcome to drop by for a hops and barley sandwich.Off to trenton for 10 weeks soon.Hope to stop by the school.Congrates to Tim for keeping the site alive.Were not that easy to get rid of.3 CD0 86-89 and not a day goes by where something reminds me of the good days.Soft landing to all......

Jeff McIntyre from, Recce Pl, 2PPCLI
06 Jan 1999

Good to see some familliar names again. I served in 2 Cdo from May 82 - July 85, and Airborne Mortar Pl, from July 85 - July 87. Hope to hear from some of you. Have a good one troops. AIRBORNE.

Major Pete Brown from, Kingston
05 Jan 1999

Great Site.

I served with E-Bty (Para) and the Airborne Air Defence back from 82-85.

Hope some of you ex-Airborne Gunners (and all others too) can visit my Airborne Gunner Page and sign my guestbook! If any of you have any Airborne Gunner pictures that I can put on my site I would appreiate that too! Feel free to e-mail them to me.


Dennis Cowling from, Canadian Parachute Centre, CFB Trenton
05 Jan 1999

AB Svc Cdo 82-84, 89-91. CPC 98-???. Good to see the site back, you have done a great job Tim. If anybody happens to be in Trenton, stop-in for a coffee and have a look at our new facilities.

David Lilly from, Calgary
05 Jan 1999

Good to see the homepage back on the net.

Soft Landings

Sean Sullivan from, Kingston On
05 Jan 1999

Airborne Sigs 89-91. Glad to see you back up and running.

Pete Rosenberg (Rosie) from, Gagetown
05 Jan 1999

Well troops, I'm back with my own E-Mail address. Lot's of names I haven't heard or seen for many years. Take care and have a good one!!!!

John Pullman from, Kitchener
05 Jan 1999

Glad to see the page back up to snuff. See a lot of names I recognize. Have a good one, troops. John

Edward (Ed) Hansen from, Victoria, BC
05 Jan 1999

Pleased to see the return of the page online.

MCpl Marc Belanger, CD from, Ottawa, ON
29 Dec 1998

1CD0 1982-84. Good to see you're back on line Tim. Page looks great. Between your pages and mine the CANADIAN PARATROOPER is well represented.Have a good one, Jumper!

DT O'Connor from, Cold Lake Alberta
27 Dec 1998

Please note the E Mail address was incorrect on the first try, as Gerry Vida and I have drank too much WINE over a short period of time. Gerry and Fran are visiting the COOL NORTH 27 Dec 98,for a COOL ONE. We all know how this could happen!

Don O'Connor from, Cold Lake Alberta
27 Dec 1998

Served with the AB Regt from Aug 68 - Jun 93 E Coy 2CDO, CFPMD, CABC, ATES, Sky Hawks, Good to see the manifest on the Net again. HI Tom Waltion and Gerry Vida, and many more I have not mentioned.AIRBORNE HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Dan Fullerton from, Kingston,  Ontario
26 Dec 1998

Well done brother! Just when I was feeling like I had to complete the mission alone you come along and link us up again. It makes my day when I can come to this site and check in on the manifest. Light winds and soft landings to all jumpers. Have a good One

Brad Mckenzie from, 3ppcli cbt sp coy sig pl
19 Dec 1998

Tim as you can see i finally got on to the homepage here, nice job brother, its definatly you pardon the spelling no spell check airborne mac..

Eric Miles from, 3 PPCLI, A Coy
17 Dec 1998

Hey Wayne, just found the website. How's the weather up there? Say hello to Ann and Dominique from Karen. Hope to see you soon. Merry Christmas to all on the page. Glad to see the page up and running. I bet you guys thought I didn't even know how to turn on a computer!!! Airborne!

gerry vida from, edmonton, alberta
17 Dec 1998

good to see the Manifest alive again. It was a great medium to help us with the 30th Reunion(West) back in June. Hope to see the list of airborne brethren grow so we may keep in touch. AIRBORNE! Other Edmonton area troops may be reached through my e-mail are: fred bootle, benny murdock, phil makin, renaud hammond and laz tollas

Gary Yuzichuk from, Fort Benning, GA
15 Dec 1998

Good to see the spirit alive and well!! Served 1 Cdo / HQ Cdo 91-94, 3R22eR Para Coy 96-97, Presently CFLO Inf/Abn with US Army in Ft Benning and still jumping!! Any current jumpers who want to come down here, jumps can be arranged with a minimum of planning and a written authorization to jump with US Forces signed by your CO. Usually group of four could get in per week. Email address above.

Belle temperature pour sauter a Ft Benning; l'ecole a un J-stage par semaine vous pouvez m'ecrire si vous desirez faire un petit voyage dans le sud et quelques sauts. Vous devez etre "current" et avoir une lettre de votre cmdt vous donnant la permission de sauter avec les Forces Americaines.

Commando! Prends garde


13 Dec 1998


Lorne Newell from, Vernon, BC
13 Dec 1998

Most glad to see the page up and running. Missed it while you were down. Served in the Regt from 70 to 76. I will pass the word at the local O Gp. Keep the faith.

WO (ret'd) Robert G. Veary CD from, Petawawa
13 Dec 1998

As a member, and volunteer to the Airborne Regiment Association of Canada, Real Gagne and I appreciate the ARAC kitshop link on your homepage, form our HQ's here in Petawawa. Together we both forge some of the essential elements required to keep the memory of the Regiment alive. The brotherhood should always maintain ways of staying strong, we now share a part of our own history, and also shared the same mud together, we at the Association will strive to deliver the same standards set forth in the Regiment, by the 3 issues per year of the "Maroon Beret Magazine", the Airborne Kitshop, and promoting memberships in the Airborne Regiment Association. With our thanks and appreciation for your great job on maintaining your very important homepage. We at ARAC extend the very best of the season to you, and all the Airborne family during the holiday season, and thoughout the year. Regards, Robert Veary/Secretariat ARAC

Tom Walton from, Chilliwack BC
13 Dec 1998

Great to see the site back. I served with 1 AB Fd Sqn from 71 to 75. CABC 80 to 82 and the AB Btl Gp in Petawawa from 82 to 85. The reunion in Edmonton in June was outstanding. Many old and new jumpers got to down a few pints and tell a few war stories. Best to all.

Charlie True from, Caroline Alberta
13 Dec 1998

Glad to see the jump manifest back on the web. Served in AB from 82-88. Nice to see familiar names on the manifest.

George Bendell from, CFB Shilo
13 Dec 1998

Great to see the site running again. Gentle Winds and Soft Landings, Airborne....

Wayne Jure from, 2 CDO
13 Dec 1998

Trying to do Link up Drills

Jim Ogden from, Chilliwack
13 Dec 1998

Great to see the site back in operation. It is definitely a great tribute to our beloved Regiment. We have an Airborne Association here in BC called BorneWest. We are planning a reunion for next next year, 4-5-6 June 99. Keep checking this site for more details. Airborne!

Ed Haines from, Edmonton
13 Dec 1998

2 Cdo 79-83, HQ Cdo & 2 Cdo 92-95. Nothing could ever match my days in the Regt. The training, the experiences, but most of all the people, absolutely the very best. Thanks for bringing the site back. Airborne forever!

Frank Macdonald from, Cape Breton
13 Dec 1998

Was with D Coy 71-73, and again with SVC Cdo 87-90, Airborne Regt was the best, and Thanks to the person who got this home page up and running again. Soft landings to all! AIRBORNE!!

Kevin Pentland from, Chilliwack, BC Formerly 2PPCLI
13 Dec 1998

I was D Coy from 72-73 and would like to know if anyone else out there was there when I was, sincerely Kevin Pentland

micheal j smith from, Montreal
13 Dec 1998

Great site, Al Reid told me about this when I was in Pet for the Rememberance Day parade. It was nice to see some familiar faces including the old man, Scotty Collins.

John Powell from, Ardrossan, Alberta
13 Dec 1998

RQM CDN AB Regt 91/93. DCO CFPMD 94/96. Great site. Thanks for coming back. Airborne!

Robert Prouse from, 90 till the end
13 Dec 1998

Some great memories here. Keep up the great work.

Al Reid from, Petawawa, ON
13 Dec 1998

Back in Petawawa after that stint with a reserve unit. Thank God that is over!!!! Pet has changed, but the memories are still here. AIRBORNE!!!

Kevin Little from, 3 PPCLI Edmonton AB.
13 Dec 1998

2 CDO 82-84 86-89 92- THE END Just found the site and have some pics I'll upload. AIRBORNE.

John C. Turner from, Medicine Hat, Alberta
13 Dec 1998

2 Commando and Armour Defence Platoon, 80-83. I'm employed at Defence Research Establishment Suffield as the civvie storeman, working on being the civvie CQ. Our Airborne flag hangs proudly above my desk. It was a terrific reunion in Edmonton this year. This site was not available for some time. Whoever got it back online, thanks. Take care to all. AIRBORNE!

Larry P.J. Harris from, Calgary
13 Dec 1998

I am proud of the time I served in the regiment. Although it is gone, there plenty of the people around that made it great. This is no reflection on them.

13 Dec 1998
Andre Fournier from, Petawawa, Ont

3 Cdo 1986-1990