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February 17, 2000
peter uk
x 2 Para Reg.

February 15, 2000
Barry Acorn from Georgetown PEI
I served in the 1st Canadian Airborne Regiment, Charlie Company, 1968-70. Would like to hear from anyone I served with. I am also trying to locate BOB KIJECK and JOE WARD, if anyone can help me, please contact me. Great homepage, all the best in 2000.

February 11, 2000
Vincent Fowler living in Calgary, AB
Hey all jumpers of the sacred cloth - the maroon beret. This is a great site Tim, outstanding job! To the rest of you, I miss you - except you 914 Austin - ha ha ha

I'm on the outside, riding my mountain bike, playing rugby and still shine my shoes.


February 10, 2000
Paul Ogilvie fromPembroke
Joined the Regt in 90-til dismemberment.Serve w/3CDO+RECCE pl.
Good job Tim
Remember! The Regt may be gone but the spirit lives on!!

February 08, 2000
Tim Majovsky Kingston, ON
Earned my place with AB HQ & Sigs 81-83, 86-89. I have always been impressed and inspired by the spirit and attitude of the soldier's of the Regiment. It's been a privilege to serve with the Regiment.

February 07, 2000
Doug Van Tassel Petawawa
I'm a member of 3RCR Para Company. Great page!

February 01, 2000
Wayne Allison Cambridge ont.
I served in Service Commando, maintenance platoon from
91 to 94. I got out in july 94. I'd like to hear from
anyone I served with. If anyone knows the whereabouts of
Pat Robblee, please contact me. Airborne

February 01, 2000
Rick Vey from Ottawa ON
Great page. Good to see the esprit de corps has not died. Proud to have served with some of the finest
I have ever known. Made many great friends while with 1 AB Evac, 2 Fd Amb.

January 30, 2000
John Turner from
My apologies Tim for not mentioning the following in my previous transmission. Once again thanks for getting this site back on line. I have been tracking your efforts since mid-98 and I and others do appreciate the work you do in keeping this site alive. The best to you. AIRBORNE

January 29, 2000
John Turner from Medicine Hat, Alberta
Served in 2 CDO from 80 - 82 and Armoured Defence Platoon from 82 -83.
There are 9 ex-Regt members in Medicine Hat and local area.
Best to all in 2000.

January 28, 2000
Jeff McIntyre from Winnipeg
Great Homepage Tim. Served in 2CDO 82 - 85 and with Airborne Mortar Pl from 85 - 87. Best time of my life.

January 26, 2000
Joe Squires Ottawa
Recommended by a friend...well done Tim.

January 26, 2000
Rick Vey 24 Altair Avenue, Ottawa ON K1K 0L8
I served with 1 Airborne Evac Coy, 2 Fd Amb from 1987 - 1990. Part in parcel with being an airborne
medic, I also had the pleasure of several exercises with the airborne. I can honestly say that the
friendships and team spirit that were a regular part of daily life back then I have not quite felt since
remustering to my present occupation. I will always remember those times. Airborne!

January 26, 2000
Cpl Foubert from Carleton Place Ont
served from 82 to 86 3CDO had the best time in my life. Airborne all the way..

January 25, 2000
Andy Morrone from2RCR G-COY
Finally, an AIRBORNE page!!! Good job guys, it's appreciated and respected. PRO PATRIA/AIRBORNE!!!!!

January 24, 2000
Pellerin Sam from Québec
http:// Nothing
Good job !

January 24, 2000
Joe Walsh grande prairie,alberta
lots and lots of familiar names and good friends on the manifest.awful good to see.left the cdo in 90 released in 95(said $!&% this,how could i not?)now a very happy civvie,things for me could hardly be better still stay in touch with a few from "the wild bunch" days.drop me a line.feet and knees together boys and watch where you walk!!!!!!!!

January 19, 2000
Gary B. Oliver St John's Nfld
I servered with 2 Cdo Dec/73 to Jul/77 D-Coy. Nice site already made a few old contacts. Lots of drinks come my way with the coin, even if they have their coin. It has something to do with the 0084 number stamped on it. Keep up the good work. AIRBORNE!

January 16, 2000
Wayne Cole from Edmonton, looking fwd to living back home in NF, in 3 years.
Great site, throughly enjoyed cruising the site. There still remains many faithful.
I served with the AB Sigs from 89 to 92, these were the best years of my career.
All the way.

January 15, 2000
Lisa lisa@kbnet from your guestbook

I just wanted to say welcome to the KB guestbook server. You have done a wonderful job with your entire site. Good luck in your ventures!

Very truly yours,

Lisa Suhadolnik
Webmaster of

February 20, 2036
Brian M. Riordan Formerly UK now Maryland USA
Great site good to see other Para site on the web. I would like to place a link to your page on Ex Red
Devils Worldwide. Let me know if that is okay.
Ex Sgt 1 Para 1948-53

January 06, 2000
Morgan Hardman from Welland, Ontario
This is an excellent site for those who have ever served under the best Regiment and Battle group in
the entire free world!!

January 05, 2000
SGT Steve Dearman Petawawa
Served CFPMD 82-85, CAR 85-89, CFPMD 89-94, CFPMD/CPC 96-99, currently senior parachute rigger with 3 RCR since June 99

January 05, 2000
PAUL POWERS in edmonton now
2CDO 90-95 7pl ......tim great is it ever good to see some of the names on the manifest...thinking of all those who did and smiling at those who didn't AIRBORNE FOREVER

January 03, 2000
Mark Mckinnon Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Service 1982-1984, 1990-1992. Airborne Service Commando Transport Platoon.
Active Duty

January 02, 2000
David Howarth from Ottawa
Served in 2 Cdo, 1982-1984, remustered to Intelligence Branch in 1985. Retired from the CF in June 84 as WO and am now working as a Private Investigator in Ottawa. Great site!! Recognized quite a few names from the manifest, brought back some great memories. Most rewarding time I spent in the CF was in 2 Cdo, great guys, great unit, "All the way!"
P.S. any Para-Nomads still out there? I am looking for an image of the "colours", Live to ride!

January 02, 2000
Paul Fenton brantford
Happy New Year. I served in 2CDO late 70's and early 80's. Still hanging around George Hill, he works at Pearson airport as a fire fighter. We both keep boats in Owen Sound so if any one gets to Meaford in the summer stop in for a cold one. Have a good one.

January 02, 2000
Gary B. Oliver St John's Nfld
I am presently still serving and stationed in Borden Ontario. I served with 2 CDO Dec/73 to Jul/77, D-Coy. Thanks to this web site I just met with an old friend that I had served with in Edmonton. One that I hadn't seen in 20 years. Life and this site are good. Keep up the good work. AIRBORNE !

January 02, 2000
Geoff Winnington-Ball (Maple Leaf Up) from Zephyr, Ontario
Outstanding airborne resource! I've met many of the "Originals" over the years and have nothing but the utmost respect for them. I'll be in touch, thanks!

January 02, 2000
Bill Lang wclang@sprintca Edmonton
Happy new year to all former Canadian Airborne Regiment members.

January 01, 2000
Tim Coderre from Edmonton Alberta
Great to be back in Canada. All the best to all in the coming New Year.