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The Airborne Regiment Coin is a much prized possession among its holders. Many are the stories of challenges and counter-challenges, some successful and others not. Members of the Airborne Regiment and Ex-members alike have produced their coin in such unlikely circumstances as: while enjoying a drink in a foreign bar, while showering, during the "Sound off for equipment check!", and while walking down the aisle after being married.

It is this pride in the Airborne and
 the close affiliation of the family
 which makes this token so

GENERAL: "The Paratrooper Coin" - it shall be customary for serving and former members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment and its Battle Group to have this coin always on their person. Failure to produce the Paratrooper Coin when challenged shall entail a forfeit, normally a round of drinks.

DESCRIPTION: The coin is similar in size, weight and appearance to a silver dollar. The obverse side bears the Regimental crest, the reverse side the collar badge and a riband bearing the recipient's name.

ENTITLEMENT: The Paratrooper Coins are serialized and controlled by the Regimental Secretariat. New arrivals to the Regiment will be presented with the coin upon successful completion of the Airborne Indoctrination Course, or after being posted with the Regiment or Battle Group for one year.

This is an excerpt from Regimental Standing Orders.


Elite forces around the world have, in varying degrees, adopted the use of some token to encapsulate the complete commitment to duty and boundless pride felt for the Unit by it's members. In Canada, this feeling is embodied, without reservation, in the men who served in the Canadian Airborne Regiment.