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This page is presented to answer the call to honour two of the Canadian Airborne Regiment's fallen best...
CWO Hodgson and WO Chuck Barnsley.

The sentiment felt among the Regiment's former members is exemplified in the following excerpt, taken from a letter that typifies the admiration felt for these great men in life, and the void created by their all too early passing.

"I've had the pleasure of serving with some great men in my career.  It really doesn't sink home fully until they aren't around anymore.  I had the pleasure, and honour, of working with Chuck Barnsley throughout my career.

In 3 CDO, Recce, and more recently upstairs in BHQ, Him as Int WO and I as UEO.  I also spent every day for the last month of Chuck's life with him on the 3 RCR Ironman Team.  We spent many hours training and discussing training strategy, nutrition, hydration, and who had what it takes to be a part of the team.  I can honestly say he was not only one of the hardest men I have ever met, He was also one of the most compassionate.  I don't think that gristled old paratrooper had a mean bone in his entire body.  It seems like an impossible duality for a soldier to exemplify, but Chuck pulled it off easily.  All this to say Chuck was an Airborne Legend in life, and now should be remembered as such in his passing.

I am attaching some pics of him and another legend, Hodgy, in the hope that you can post them for the enjoyment of all who would appreciate it.  If this is too much to ask, then please refer anyone interested in the pics to me, and I will be happy to forward them.

Once again, thanks,"

Tom Verner.